How to Pay the Fee for a Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia 2022?

You only need to pay attention to your profession in Saudi Arabia and apply for a permanent family visa for Saudi Arabia if you are living in the kingdom. This is due to the fact that some professions are ineligible for family visas in Saudi Arabia. 

Expats will be asked to contribute to the Ministry of Interior’s application for a permanent family visa. Alternatively, SADAD online payments can be processed by the use of Internet banking or SADAD ATMs. Upon submitting all the required documentation and obtaining approval for your profession, payment is due.

For a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia, expats must pay SR 2,000/- per family.

How to Pay Sadad payment Through NCB Bank

Payment for the permanent family visa must be made through Bank Al Ahli’s mobile application.

  • You can choose “SADAD”.
  • “Government Payments and Refunds” should be selected.

Select the following settings on the next screen;

  • Importing labor is a bill.
  • An online service for family visas.
  • Select Unregistered.
  • Employers are identified by their Iqama numbers.
  • Each family is granted one visa.
  • Click “Request” under “Payment Fee”.
  • To make a payment, click “Proceed”.

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Sadad Payment Through Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia

Payment of the permanent family visa fee can be made via the Al Rajhi bank’s mobile application;

  • Tap the three dashes in the left upper corner.
  • Select “Government Payments” to view a list of government payments.
  • Select “Visa Services”.

We have included all the details you need on how to apply for a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia in this guide

  • Next, you will see the second screen 
  • Select “Family Visa”.
  • Sponsors are identified by their Iqama numbers.
  • Family visa: One visa for the whole family.

Al Rajhi Bank’s system will calculate SR 2,000 per family after retrieving this information. Once you confirm, you will be able to pay the fee.

How to check a Saudi Arabian family visa’s payment status?

The number of funds under Iqama will be updated as soon as you make the payment. The amount will be shown on your passport deposit statement. Under passport deposits, you will see how many visas you have. 

Final Thoughts

In We explain how to make Sadad payments for a family visa through Al Rajhi Bank and through NCB Bank in this article. For payment, you just have to download a bank application and log in to your account. Then click on the Visa payment and complete the process. 

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