How to Pay for Parking in Dubai by SMS?

The city has an automatic SMS parking ticket payment service called MParking. If you still pay for your parking tickets with coins in Dubai, you should consider MParking. Based on an established format, you will never be subjected to parking fines in Dubai using this easy and convenient method. 

Mobile phones and SMS messages are all drivers need to use this service to pay for paid parking in Dubai. Mobile phones and SMS messages can be used to pay for parking tickets in Dubai.

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How to Pay Parking by SMS in Dubai?

Compose the message in step one

Using your mobile phone, you need to send a message to ‘7275 (PARK)’ with the message “pay Dubai Parking” in the subject line. 

Parking payments can be made using SMS through the official phone number 7275 in Dubai. After the SMS has been written, it should be formatted in the following manner. Parking tickets must be paid for with accurate information if you live in Dubai.

This format can also be used: <Car’s plate number> <space> <area number> <space> <duration>

As a result, your SMS should appear like this: A15234 317C 1

If you plan to add a ticket for half an hour and are in parking area A, you can use the 1/2 format.

A12345 317C 1/2 would be an example.

There are six different formats that can be used: .50, 0.5, 0.50, 30, 30 minutes, 30 minutes, 30 minutes. In Dubai, only Area A is available for parking during half-hour hours.

An emirate code must be preceded by the license plate number if the car has a Sharjah or Abu Dhabi tag, corresponding to Dubai SMS.

A simple format would be: <UAE/Country Code> *space> *Car plate number> <space> <area number> <space> <duration>

Step 2:  When you send the SMS, you’ll receive a confirmation message

When you’re finished writing the message, click the send button to send it! You will receive a confirmation. You will receive a text message confirming if the transaction was successful. 

In order to make the transaction successful, you must have enough talk time and text messages on your phone.

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