How to Open Alinma Bank Account Online in Saudi Arabia?

There is a common misconception that all customers must visit an Alinma bank branch to open an account. A lot of people think that non-residents of Saudi Arabia cannot become Alinma Bank customers. The truth is, that is not the case.

Whenever you need to open an account without visiting the branch for whatever reason (you live in another country; you want to open the account from abroad etc. ), you can do it online. Throughout this article, I will share a step-to-step guide on how to open an account online without having to visit a bank branch.

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Information Required to Open an Alinma Bank Account

  • The bank needs a copy of your Iqama (Saudi national identity card) to get started.
  • Afterward, a few basic personal details are required.
  • You will then be asked for your national address.
  • The next step is to find out about your job.
  • After you create your Alinma ID and password, you will be redirected to the Alinma website.

Lastly, the bank will require you to provide your general financial information in order to ensure that they adhere to international financial law and transparency.

How to Open Alinma Bank Account Online?

1. Move to

2. From the homepage, click “Open Account” in the upper-left corner

3. To open a bank account online, click on “Open a bank account without visiting a branch.”

4. Once you have entered your Iqama information, click “Continue”

5. You will need to enter your personal information (name, phone number, email address, password).

6. Click on “Continue” after entering your national address (line 1, city, province).

7. Click the “Continue” button after entering employment information: company name and job title.

8. Entering your first name and last name initials, as well as the year of your birth and suffix (for example, Suzy Q Smith was born in 1975 would be SQS75) and clicking “Continue” will create your Alinma ID.

9. Click “I Agree” after reading the FATCA and CRS agreement, putting in your date of birth, choosing your country of tax residence, entering the tax ID number or passport number you use for identity verification, and selecting if you are a US citizen or resident alien for tax purposes (not applicable to non-US customers).

Note: To verify your phone number, you will receive an activation code by SMS on your mobile device. Verify that you can receive SMS messages on the phone number you enter.

Final Words

As a young bank, Alinma has made it a point to focus on the needs of the youth, women, and individuals with lower income. It offers various services that are tailored to meet their specific requirements. You can easily open an Alinma bank account using this nifty guide on how you can open an account online in just a few steps, with no hassle.

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