How to Check How Many Sims on Iqama?

If you are living in Saudi Arabia, you must have observed that the residents of the country have a huge number of sims registered on their Iqama. This is because it is very easy to register sims on your account in Saudi Arabia and the authorities do not even bother to limit this practice.

I will share the ways to check the number of SIM cards registered under your Saudi Iqama. Saudi Arabia is a country where people own more than one SIM card. And, it is also a common practice to have multiple SIMs on Iqama as well.

Let’s get started on how to check the number of SIM cards under your Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

Checking the number of sims on your iqama is important to determine whether a sim has been fraudulently registered on your account or not. If you don’t know how many sims are registered on your Iqama, you won’t be able to determine if someone has illegally registered a sim on your iqama or not.

Today, we will explain how to check the number of sims registered on your Iqama. In case you were wondering how to check sims on iqama, this article is for you.

We will discuss how one can check how many sims are registered on his iqama and how he can unregister them as well in this article. However, before we proceed towards these two methods, let us discuss some important information regarding this matter.

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How Many Sims Can Be Registered?

According to the latest information from the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia, one person can have up to 20 sim cards registered on his Iqama ID. This means that if you register more than 20 sim cards with your Iqama, you will be breaking the rules and might get yourself into trouble

Check How Many Sims Registered on Iqama?

There are three ways to check the SIM card numbers registered under your Iqama out of which I prefer the first method.

With a Mobile Number

The easiest way to check the number of SIM cards registered under your Iqama is by calling 1100 from any Zain number.

Step 1: Dial this number from your phone: 920001300 from the phone number you want to check.

Step 2: After you call, you will be asked to enter your Iqama number. Enter your Iqama number and press the hash-key (#).

Step 3: You will then receive an SMS message listing all the sims that are currently registered under your iqama.

Check Registered Sims Through CITC Website

If you have your registered phone number available with you to receive and input the OTP code, follow this method to check the number of sims on your account.

  • Visit the official website of CITC eServices.
  • Click here to visit the website directly. CITC Website
  • On the next page, you will find an option “Query SIMs registered under my name or my sponsorship”.
  • Click on it and navigate to the next page. On this page, you will see an option “Iqama Number” and a box below it.
  • Enter your iqama number in that box and click on the “Send Code” button.
  • You will receive a verification code (OTP) on your registered mobile number via SMS.
  • Enter that code in the box below “Verification Code” and click on the “Submit” button.
  • On the next page, all of your registered mobile numbers that are linked with your Iqama will be shown along with their status (active or inactive).

How to Check How Many Sims Are Registered on Your Iqama Without a Mobile Number?

To check how many SIMs are registered on your Iqama without a mobile number, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Click on “query iqama expiry service.”
  • Enter your Iqama number, image code, and click “view.”
  • You will see your personal information and the number of SIM cards registered under this number.

How to Remove or Delete the Registered Sim Card Number from Iqama?

1. Download the MOI Absher App, then tap on the upper right corner “Sign-in”

2. Sign In to your account with your Iqama number & password

3. Select “My Services” then “Communication Services”

4. Press the “Add/Delete SIM Cards” option

5. Now select “Delete SIM Card”, then type your Iqama number and image captcha code

6. You will be asked to enter OTP (One Time Password) that will be sent to your number. Enter it and click submit

7. Next you will see all of the phone numbers registered under your name along with their mobile number and identification number (IMSI)

8. Check those numbers you want to remove from your name and click submit.

Final Words

The good news is that with the UAE mobile license system that recently came into effect, you can now track your sim card number if it’s lost or stolen. In other words, you could potentially find out how many sims are registered in the country over time and get crucial information regarding which networks to avoid. Now that’s something I’d like to see.

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