How to Change Mobile Number and Email in MOI E-Service?

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Economic Development offers a number of e-services to expatriates and Saudi Arabians living in the country. You must provide both your email address and a cellular phone number to register on the MOI website.

To complete the registration process, you will need to verify your information. Losing your registered mobile number will make it impossible to access e-services from MOI Absher. 

It is possible to change a mobile number and an email address in two cases

  1. You will be able to change your registered mobile number through the Asher Kiosk Machine when you lose your registered mobile number.
  2. For those who only wish to change their Registered Mobile number, the Absher website provides the option to do so.

Whenever you lose your registered mobile number 

Saudi Arabia Jawazat passport office and Absher ATM machines allow you to change your old number into a new one. Creating a new account will also let you alter your mobile number. If you enter your username, password, and fingerprint, you will be able to update your mobile number on the Absher machine. The following guide will guide you through registering a new mobile number and email when you lose an old one.

  • For login, you have to enter your Absher account username and password. Your fingerprint needs to be scanned once you’ve logged in.
  • Click the update mobile number option in the menu after logging in to Absher Machine successfully.

Benefits of End of Services in Saudi Arabia

  • In order to add a new mobile number, click on the edit mobile number option.
  • Your new number and the OTP code received on your newly added number need to be entered in the next step.
  • MOI e-services account has been updated with a new mobile number.

If you have any problems updating your mobile number, you can get assistance from the man sitting near Absher Machine.

 Change only registered mobile number 

The following instructions will show you how to verify your old number by logging into the ministry website with your old registered mobile number. Your cell phone number can be updated by logging in.

1. The Ministry Of Interior Saudi Arabia website can be accessed by entering your username and password near the top right of the screen and clicking “Log in”

2. The verification code will appear on your mobile phone, so you need to enter it.

3. As soon as you log in successfully, the following options will be available for you: Your profile picture, My Dashboard, Edit User Profile, Change Password, and Logout.

4. As soon as you click on Edit User profile, you will be redirected to a new page with your personal information, such as your email address, telephone number, and preferred language.

5. Clicking on “EDIT” will allow you to input your new email address, your mobile number, the language you desire, and then the captcha code. 

6. After clicking “Save”, the file will be saved. By updating your mobile number or email address, you will have updated your contact information.

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Final Thoughts

By using the above two methods, you can change your mobile number easily in MOI Portal. You can access Moi’s web portal e-services by updating your mobile number in Moi e-services. We welcome any questions or concerns about updating mobile numbers that you might have in the comments section.

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