How to apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia in 2022?

Having a driving license is as essential to survival in Saudi Arabia as food. A fine ranging from SR500 to SR900 can be imposed for driving without a license. The first step for someone new to Saudi Arabia is to obtain a driving license once they have received their iqama. 

An application for a Saudi Arabian license is quite simple if you have a license from another country. Alternatively, you could directly send your license to the final test without having to pass an initial test.

I have listed two cases below:

  • Your country issues you a valid driver’s license.
  •  No driving license is issued to you in your country.

If you already have a driving license (translation needed), you will not have to attend classes for a week and can take the practice test immediately upon passing. On the computer, you will take the final driving evaluation and parking evaluation, as well as the road signs examination.

If you do not possess a driving license from your country or haven’t passed the driving test, then you should attend the first weeks of classes in Saudi Arabia regarding road signs and laws, and all other types of driving education. This will be followed by a driving test and the issuance of your license. For a driver’s license, you must also pass a medical examination.

Requirements for Driving License in Saudi Arabia

  • Iqama copy
  • Saudi Arabia requires a driving license to be obtained at the age of 18
  • A translation of a driver’s license from another country.
  • An application must be completely filled out in order to obtain a driver’s license.
  • Saudi Arabia’s medical test for driver’s licenses.
  • Take four passport-size photos.
  • Fee for a license.
  • Passport and visa copies.

Application Form for Driving License in Saudi Arabia

Driving license applications must be submitted on an application form. Driving licenses can be downloaded from the official Saudi Arabian website. To get a driving license, you must complete a form and pay an agency fee. Below is an example of the form.

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Procedure for Driving License

Take a look at Dallah Driving School

Several Dallah Driving Schools offer Tokens on the spot, so please wait in line. At the beginning of your first trial, you will be given a token containing the letter “B”. “License check counter” stands for the letter “B”.

Saudi Arabia’s First driving test

After this, the first trial will need to be conducted. Trial participants will have the option of choosing an automatic or manual vehicle. The Saudi driving license will have restriction code 1 in case you select an automatic vehicle.

There’s a good chance that the defendant is a Saudi with limited English proficiency. It is helpful to know a few Arabic words, such as Right, Left, Stop, Start, and Reverse, in order to be prepared.

You will receive an A on the first part of the exam, which means that you are now ready to take the second part. In the event that you fail the first part of the test, Dhalla driving school will need to provide you with lessons. The school offers lessons twice a day. You can select the lesson that fits your schedule. 

  • Dallah driving school schedule
  • 7:00 in the morning to 12:00 in the afternoon
  • Evening shifts operate from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Dallah driving schools charge SR 420 per hour

A date will be provided to you once you have completed the training (which includes reverse parking and computer assessments). Mondays through Fridays (except Fridays) are class days.

Computer Test for Saudi Arabia’s Driving License

If you receive instructions on the Computer Test, you must deposit SR 100 if your grade is an “A”.

Your test can then be taken at Dallah Driving School using the computer class slip. You will be notified soon after your test results are posted.

Collection of Licenses

Once you have passed your driving test as well as the computer test, you will be issued your driving license. Your license will be available at the counter once you have submitted your file. You will be contacted once it is ready.

Fees for Saudi Arabian driving licenses

The following fees must be paid when you apply for a driver’s license:

  • The government charges SR 400 for a license that is valid for 10 years. At five years, the fee is 200 SR, and after eight years, it is 80 SR.
  • A driving license application fee of SR 20 is required.
  • For the computer test, you must pay 100 SR.
  • Driving school fees at Dallah are SR 420.
  • There are 940 SRs in total.

Final Words

This article provides a guide to the process of applying for a Saudi Arabian license. A first test must be passed before you can proceed to the computer test and final exam. Driving lessons at Dhalla driving school may be needed if you did not pass your initial test.

If you passed all the tests, please submit the appropriate documents to the office listed in this article. There is a fee for getting a Saudi Arabia driving license.

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