Check Your Nitaqat Color In Saudi Arabia 2022

The Nitaqat color status is a result of the performance of your business in Saudi Arabia. It is based on the number of Saudi Citizens that you employ and the salaries that they earn. The Government looks at these numbers and then places each company in the private sector into one of 4 groups.

The Nitaqat program aims to improve the attractiveness of the private sector for Saudi nationals and motivate companies to employ more Saudis. It also aims to regularize the employment of foreign workers in accordance with the needs of companies and their ability to absorb them.

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The most important thing to remember about your Nitaqat color status is that it determines how many visas you get to hire new employees from outside Saudi Arabia. For example, if you are in Green then you can hire as many workers as you want, and if you are in Red it means that you cannot hire anyone. This makes it very important for businesses!

In this article, we will provide you with some easy steps to check your Nitaqat color status in Saudi Arabia. The Nitaqat program is a Saudization system developed by the government of Saudi Arabia for the employment of Saudi nationals in private companies.

Under Nitaqat, the ministry has divided private companies into four color-coded categories: Platinum – Excellent; Green – Very good; Yellow – Satisfactory; and Red – Locations that are not serious about hiring Saudis

Steps to Check your Nitaqat Color Status Online in Saudi Arabia

1. Go to Ministry of Labor – Labor Market Regulatory Authority (SAUDI LMRA) website: MOI

2. Click on the E-Services menu and select the Company Services option from the drop-down list.

3. Click on the Nitaqat Program option

4. Enter the Iqama number or Company name in the search field.

5. Click on the search button to display your company status color.

How to Read the Nitaqat color status in Saudi Arabia?

There are four different colors in the Nitaqat system:

  • Red (closed) – This means there are no options for employing foreigners.
  • Yellow (restricted) – There is a quota of foreign workers that can be employed, which changes by company and industry.
  • Green (flexible) – The number of foreign workers you can employ is larger within this category, and it changes by company and industry.
  • Platinum (open) – You can employ as many foreign workers as you want with no limits or quotas.


Saudi Arabia passed a new law back in 2016 known as the Nitaqat system. The law requires companies to classify their employees into categories by an assessment system. There are four different classifications ranging from A (Excellent) to D (Below Average) and red, yellow, and green cards indicating these category ratings. Interestingly enough, employers are now also allowed to grant employees work permits based on their company Nitaqat score!

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