Benefits of End of Services in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, End of Service Benefits applies to all workers and employees who have worked for a year or two and who leave. According to the Saudi Labor Law, these workers will receive some cash as well as End of Service Benefits. If the employee leaves or gets terminated from his job, the company will pay him his final settlement, which is called his End of Service Benefits.

In this article, we discuss the three employment conditions to get end-of-service benefits in Kuwait. According to Saudi labor law, Saudi employees who voluntarily leave their jobs are entitled to half their salary for the first 5 years and one month’s worth of salary for the subsequent years.

The employee must have worked at least two years before resigning in order to qualify for an end-of-service reward. In the event he or she resigns within the next two years, the employee will only receive the paid leaves and salary he or she is entitled to, and no EOS will be issued.

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End of Service Benefits in Saudi Arabia

Employees have the option of resigning or being terminated when they decide to leave their jobs. EOS benefits may be available depending on the situation:

As a Result of Resignation

  • Saudi Arabia does not offer End of Service (EOS) benefits to employees who resign before two years have passed. Article 85 of Saudi labor law stipulates that resigning employees do not receive termination benefits.
  • His work record must include at least two years of employment for him to be eligible for these benefits.
  • According to Saudi Arabia’s Labor Law, employees must work for the company for a period of at least two years, but less than five. The benefits that he currently receives from EOS will be reduced by 1/3. If this is the case, then he will receive EOS benefits equal to one-half of his salary.
  • Employees working for five years will become eligible for a two-thirds share of the End of Service Benefits plus their full salary percentage.
  • Upon completing Ten Years of Service, the worker is entitled to End-of-Service Benefits at a % of his full salary, irrespective of when the worker leaves the company.

If the Contract is Terminated

  • After completing 5 years of service, an employee who ends their employment before completing 5 years of service is entitled to half of their salary.
  • If an employee leaves after five years, he or she is likely to be entitled to their full wages

End of Service Benefits for Women Employees in Saudi Arabia

  • An employee who resigns within six months of getting married in Saudi Arabia will be eligible for End of Service Benefits.
  • If a Female Employee resigns after having given birth after 3 months, she is also eligible for the End of Service Benefits

By entering the required information, you can estimate how much End of Service benefits is in Saudi Arabia by using a calculator developed by the Labor Education of Saudi Arabia.

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